Getting Started: The Basics of CrossFit Training

Welcome to Angelino Community Fitness, located in the heart of Valley Village, CA. Here at ACF, we provide a supportive and inclusive community for individuals of all fitness levels. Our mission is to help you reach your health and fitness goals through CrossFit training.

So what exactly is CrossFit? It’s a high-intensity functional fitness program that focuses on constantly varied, functional movements performed at a high intensity. In simpler terms, it’s a total body workout that combines elements of weightlifting,, and cardiovascular exercises. It may sound intimidating, but CrossFit is for everyone – from beginners to elite athletes.

At ACF, we believe in the power of community and accountability. Our experienced coaches will guide you through each workout and push you to reach your full potential. Our classes are designed to challenge you both mentally and physically, but also provide a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Before starting any CrossFit training, it’s important to understand the basics. The first step is learning correct form and technique for each movement. This will not only prevent injuries, but also ensure maximum efficiency in your workouts. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and seek guidance from our coaches.

Another important aspect of CrossFit is nutrition. Along with regular exercise, a balanced and healthy diet is key to achieving your fitness goals. Our coaches are available to provide personalized nutrition advice and support.

Now that you have a better understanding of what CrossFit is, it’s time to take the first step towards a healthier and stronger you. Come join our Angelino Community Fitness family in Valley Village, CA. and let us help you transform your life through CrossFit. Our doors are open to everyone, so come check out a class and experience the ACF difference for yourself!  So don’t wait any longer, start your fitness journey with us today! 

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