Karlos A. Ramirez

Head Coach and Co-Owner

Karlos’ passion for health and fitness began in 6th grade when he decided to make a change to his lifestyle. He started his journey as a Spinning Instructor at Burbank Athletic Club in 2007, and later discovered CrossFit in 2014. Everything about CrossFit made sense to him and he became inspired to share his knowledge with others. His number one goal as a trainer is to teach his trainees how to move correctly and get the most out of their workouts. Karlos’ favorite thing about being a trainer is the self-fulfillment he gets from helping others feel good about themselves. Join Karlos and the rest of our team at Angelino CrossFit to achieve your fitness goals and experience the best in quality training and supportive camaraderie.

John Thyne

Co-Owner and Coach

With a 30-year corporate career, he discovered the benefits of fitness and clean eating. A weight gain prompted a health transformation, making him a fit 60-year-old. A decade ago, John began as a Spinning student, met Coach Karlos Ramirez, and transitioned exclusively to his training. This led to a friendship and co-ownership of Angelino CrossFit. John, a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, aspires to guide others toward their health and fitness goals, relishing their transformations. He finds joy in seeing class participants complete their workouts with smiles through their sweat. Join John for a healthier, fulfilling life.

Owners - Karlos & John
Owners - Karlos & John

Angelino CrossFit, works to bring fitness to all individuals seeking change and those wanting to build a deeper connection with all aspects of healthy living.

Our goal for Angelino Community Fitness is making CrossFit accessible to all individuals with an intent of teaching proper technique to help those find strength safely to ensure longevity and sustainability within the sport.

This gym is more than a place to workout. It is a safe space to create communities of any and all those wanting to start, or continue, building an active plan that works within your lifestyle. Whether you work out to heal injuries, to gain strength, or build confidence, Angelino CrossFit established this community to support you.

The gift and beauty of fitness is a right all individuals should have access to, and it is our mission to help as many as we can feel and live healthy.

Angelino Community Fitness opened December 2013. Our goal by creating The Angelino Community Fitness is to improve people’s lives’ through group fitness. Recognizing the value of maintaining a “high quality of life” by focusing on active living, injury prevention, safety, longevity, community, support, friendship, education, and sharing.


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