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!!! NEXT TWO (2) WEEK’S SCHEDULES ARE NOW POSTED (WEEK OF 10/16-10/22 AND 10/23-10/29 —Make your Reservations Early!!

1. CARDIOFIT: On your app, go to the “Workout” for October 1st and check out the newest workouts for the month’s NEW CardioFit. We’ve specifically designed these workouts for the Spartan Racers set to race this November (and beyond). If you’ve never done this class, give it a shot! You will learn how to carry, climb, jump, hang and so much more… all good stuff for the Spartan in us all. 😉

2. PLEASE PLEASE FILL THIS OUT IF YOU HAVEN’T YET…. We need your feedback!! Thank you to those who returned the Confidential Nutrition Survey. If you haven’t yet please take 3 minutes to do it now CLICK ON IT HERE: NUTRITION SURVEY

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Take 20 minutes to set up, warm up and complete the following.


— 15-20x Close Grip Pull-Ups (Rx+ Weighted) *

— 6-8x Pendlay Rows **

— 8-12x DB Bench Press **

— Rest as needed.

* Place arms inside of shoulder width and scale up or down as needed. Ask the coach for recommendations.

** Go as heavy as possible with good form . Adjust rep cout according to weight.

WOD: Rx Strong WOD 3-2 (Time)


— 25x Unbroken Russian KB Swings (Rx/+) *

— Rest 30 seconds in between rounds.

KB Rx: 55/35, +70/53

* As unbroken as possible.


Complete the following with the remainder of time.


— 6-10x Standing Tricep Extensions *

— Straight into…

— 10-20x Dips (Rx Ring Dips, Rx+ Weighted) *

— Rest 30 seconds.


— 12-15x Calf Raises *

— 10-15x Hanging Knee Raises (Rx+ Weighted) *

— Rest as needed in between rounds.

* On all weighted optional exercises, athletes can use any kind of weight that they see best fits the exercise. Remember to scale up or down as needed and ask the coach for recommendations.

COOL-DOWN : Couch Stretch, Foam Roll, Walk, Wall Hang, Frog Stretch, Foam Roll, Pigeon Stretch

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