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!!! NEXT TWO (2) WEEK’S SCHEDULES ARE NOW POSTED (WEEK OF 10/23-10/29 AND 10/30-11/5—Make your Reservations Early!!

1. CARDIOFIT: On your app, go to the “Workout” for October 1st and check out the newest workouts for the month’s NEW CardioFit. We’ve specifically designed these workouts for the Spartan Racers set to race this November (and beyond). If you’ve never done this class, give it a shot! You will learn how to carry, climb, jump, hang and so much more… all good stuff for the Spartan in us all. 😉

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Take 20-30 minutes to set up, warm up and complete the following.

A. Back Squat: 4 x 4 @ 70-75% of Max — Rest 30-45 seconds in between your sets and record your in Wodify.


– 10-12x Good Mornings *

– 3-5x Strict Shoulder Press *

– Rest 60-90 seconds in between rounds.

* Use a moderate weight on both movements, using the same barbell but not necessarily the same amount of weight. Record your heaviest sets in Wodify.

WOD: Rx Strong WOD 4-1 (Time)


— 20x Single DB Push Jerks (Total Reps)

— 15x Strict Pull-Ups (Rx+) *

— 10x Strict Handstand Push-Ups (Rx+) *

DB Rx/+: 50/35 (10-reps each side)

* Strict Pull-Up & Strict Handstand Push-Up without any assistance gets an Rx+ . Any assistance like kipping, bands, mats/padding, etc. qualify as an Rx . Any scaling down after that like Jumping Pull-Ups, Ring Rows, Pike Push-Ups, etc. qualifies as ” Scale “. Scale appropriately, as the coach for recommendations.
COOL-DOWN : Walk, Couch Stretch, Wall Hang, Frog Stretch, Pigeon Stretch, Foam Roll

A: Back Squat

B: Good Mornings

B: Shoulder Press

CAR: CardioFit – October 2023 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Station A : 7 MIN AMRAP

– 3x Wall Walks

– 30-sec Crawl with Pull Throughs

– 12x Push-Ups

– 10/8 Calorie Row


Station B : 7 MIN AMRAP

– 5x Burpee Box Jumps (Any Height)

– 100m MB Run

– 10x MB Step-Ups

– 150m Run


Station C : 7 MIN AMRAP

– 2x Hand-Over-Hand Seated Sled-Pull

– 50m Overhead + 50m Underhand Plate Carry

– 4x Wall Climb-Overs [or] 4x Tall Box Step-Overs

– 100m Farmer [or] Suitcase Pinch Grip Carry


Station D : 7 MIN AMRAP

– 2x Rope Climbs [or] 20-sec Rope Hang Hold [or] 20-sec Isometric Hold on Pull-Up Bar

– 20-sec Isometric Hold on Top of Rings (Rx+ with L-Sit)

– 5x Strict Chin-Ups [or] 10x Ring Rows

– 20-sec Dead Hang on Rings (Rx+ with L-Sit)
*** TODAY AT 7AM AND 5PM ***

????‍♂️???? Ready to conquer the Spartan Race? Elevate your game with CardioFit! ????????‍♀️

Our hour-long workout is Spartan-ready, designed for all fitness levels to push to their limits. With four dynamic stations using kettlebells, dumbbells, ropes, walls, rowing machines and so much more, you will learn and master certain must-have skills like the rope climb to conquer the races. Train like a Spartan, dominate the race! ???????? #SpartanRacePrep #CardioFitMastery

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