OLYMPIC LAB 04/25/2017

Angelino CrossFit – Competition Series


A. MOBILITY: Shoulder PVC Pipe Routine

B. SKILL: 10-minute EMOM – 3x Push Jerks ; increasing throughout

C. STRENGTH: 30-minutes to complete the following.

1. Front Squat + Push Jerk: 1x(2+1) @ 60%, 1x(2+1) @ 65%, 5x(2+1) @ 70%+

2. Front Squat: 3×2 (Build Up from last complex), then… 2×2 @ 80% of build up

3. Jerk Dip: 3×3 (Use Front Squat Build Up), then… Behind Neck Push Press: 5×3 (Use 65-75% of Push Jerk)

D. CONDITIONING: If time left, complete the following…. 500m Row (5x of 100m Row + 10-second rest)

Push Jerk

Paused Front Squat

Front Squat

Behind The Neck Push Press

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