OLYMPIC LAB 04/04/2017

Angelino CrossFit – Competition Series


A. 15-minutes: 5×1 Snatch Complex (See Below) – Build up to a 70% Power Snatch

B. 9-minute EMOM – 5x Power Snatches at 70%

C. 20-minutes to find Heavy set of 1x Squat Clean + 1x Push Press + 1x Push Jerk

Snatch Complex

1x Snatch Grip Deadlift to Knee

1x Full Snatch Grip Deadlift

1x Snatch High-Pull

1x Power Snatch

1x Overhead Squat

Power Snatch (9 Min EMOM for 5 Reps @ 70%)

Squat Clean + Push Press + Jerk

15-20 Mins to find Heavy set

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