OLY-WOD 12/10/2016

Angelino CrossFit – Competition Series


A. Weightlifting:

Power Snatch: 4×3 @ 65%

Power Clean: 4×3 @ 65%

Push Jerk: 4×3 @ 65%

Snatch High-Pull: 3×3 @ 70%

B. Conditioning: For Time (Challenge yourself by going as heavy and high as you can handle. The weight you select should be heavy enough to require you to break the 30 reps into 3-5 sets.)

400m Run

30x Front Squats (Heavy)

30x Burpees

400m Meter Run

C. Midline Accessory Work:

Strict TTB


Power Snatch (65%)

Power Clean (65%)

Push Jerk (65%)

Snatch High-Pull (70%)

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