OLY LAB 03/06/2017

Angelino CrossFit – Competition Series


A. SKILL: Complete the following, staying light but increasing weight throughout. Focus on form and speed.

Muscle Clean + Front Squat + Hang Power Clean

3x (3+2+3)

Deadlift + Hang Clean Pull + Hang Clean

7x (1+1+1)

Power Clean + Clean

5x (1+1)

B. STRENGTH: Complete the following.

Deadlift to Knee + Clean

2x(2+1)@70%, 2x(2+1)@75%, 2x(2+1)@80%

Deadlift + Clean Pull

2x(1+1)@90%, 3x(1+1)@100%, 2x(1+1)@110%

Front Squat


C. Mobility

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