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CrossFit in Valley Village, Los Angeles

Arrive Early

Safety is our TOP priority so it’s vital that you arrive early to your first class to speak with our head trainer about your fitness background, limitations and injuries. We also want to know why you want to work out, what are your fitness goals? You’ll then work with our trainer to scale/modify the workout accordingly. It’s important that you do not over do it during your first few sessions at Angelino. If you haven’t been working out much lately you will be sore, and we want to limit your discomfort in the days following your first sessions. You have the rest of your life to reach your goals and stay at a level you wish to be so there is no rush to get there. It’s extremely important that you LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. We pride ourselves on providing the best training here at Angelino but we also want to instill in you that after a period of time(years) you will ultimately become the best trainer for yourself as you continue to exercise with regularity here at Angelino.

Are you ready to give CrossFit a try yet?

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We have an experienced and diverse coaching staff from different fitness backgrounds. We are all passionate about CrossFit and how it can help you reach your fitness goals. We believe in community and making sure that each member feels like they are valued. Whether you are working towards competing or just working to be able to lift the bar….our coaches are awesome at working with you to get you there!


We thrive on having awesome and supportive community. All athletes and coaches are here to support each other and enjoy workouts with athletes we consider family.

Compete and Have Fun

We believe in fun, novelty, and laughter here. We believe fitness should be enjoyable and we joke often!