COMP-WOD 12/11/2016

Angelino CrossFit – Competition Series


COMP-WOD: Handstands

A. Warm Up

10 inchworms

10 passthrough

10 round the worlds

10 band pull aparts

2 TIMES then

2 mins of shoulder extention/flexion mobility

B. Skill/Mobility:

10 mins of tripod variations/progressions

20-60 on 30 to 60 off

10 mins of handstand wall hold variations/progressions

20-60s on 30-60s off

20 mins if strength/mobility work

C. Strength:

3 rounds of

hanstand push up variations (sub max reps)

hollowbody holds 30-60s

floor weighted pass throughs with pvc 5r

barbell shoulder flexion stretch 60s

3 rounds of

prone hanstand shoulder flexion with pvc 30-60s holds

superman holds 30-60s

static standing shoulder extention with pvc 10 to 30s

barbell shoulder extention stretch 60s

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