COMP WOD – 10/02/2016

Angelino CrossFit – Olympic Weightlifting

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

For MAX Reps**

5-Minute MAX Calorie Row (Rx 10)

5-Minute MAX Front Squats (Rx 115/95)

5-Minute MAX Pull-Ups

5-Minute MAX Burpee Box Jumps (Rx 30/24)

5-Minute MAX Double-Unders

5-Minute MAX Wall Balls (Rx 20)

**In teams of 4, complete as many reps as you can at each station. Only one athlete can work at a time, switch as necessary. There will be NO rest between exercises, immediately rotate after each 6-MIN interval.

Score = total reps completed by your team.

(-Submitted by CF Trussville-)

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