Circuit X – Week 08/15-08/21

Angelino CrossFit – Circuit X

Metcon (Time)

CARDIO: 800m Run or Row

CIRCUIT 1.0 (3 Rounds):

1.1 Bulgarian Split Squat w/ Bar (5x ea)

1.2 Swiss Ball Plate Crunch (10x)

1.3 Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift w/ Bar (5x ea)

CARDIO: Agility Run (2x)

Circuit 2.0 (4 Rounds):

2.1 Mixed Grip Pull-Up (5x)

2.2 SB Clean & Toss (5x)

2.3 Swiss Ball Pass (10x)

2.4 Plank to Push-Up (5x)

2.5 OH Wall Ball Throw (5x)

CARDIO: Agility Run (2x)

Circuit 3.0 (3 Rounds):

3.1 DB Chest Fly (10x)

3.2 Bar Hop Over & Jumping Lunge (10x)

3.3 Hammer Curl & Press (10x)

CARDIO: 800m Run or Row

FINAL STRETCH: Pigeon, Couch, V-Legs, Backpack Hang, Foam Roll (2-5min)

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