CIRCUIT X – January 2017

Angelino CrossFit – Circuit X


CIRCUIT X – January 2017

CIRCUIT A: 3 Rounds of..

a. 10x Weighted Pass-Through

b. 15-second Hollow Rock Hold with PVC Pipe

c. 20x Superman Extensions with PVC Pipe

d. 25-second Inversion Hold (Any Variation – Ask Coach for suggestion)

e. 30x Single Overhead Lunges (Use any weight – go light – and switch hands after 15 reps)

CIRCUIT B: Complete the following complexes (a) and (b) making sure to increase weight each round.

a. 4×3 1-Snatch Balance + 1-Overhead Squat

b. 4×3 1-Snatch Deadlift + 1-Snatch Hang Shrug

CIRCUIT C: 5 Rounds of…

a. 5x Ring Rips

b. 5x Ring Rows to Chest (Use False Grip)

c. 5x Bench Press (Increase weight each round)

D. STRETCH/MOBILITY: See “Becoming a Supple Leopard” and ask coach for recommendations.