CARDIO 08/24/2016

Angelino CrossFit – Cardio WOD

Metcon (No Measure)

WOD A: 18 Minute Time Cap to complete:

200-300-400-500m.. Run



Mountain Climbers


Jumping Air Squats

Rep scheme: 200m/20x, 300m/30x, 400m/40x, 500m/50x..

**3 Minute Break**

WOD B: 14 Minute AMRAP

15 cal Row

25x Wall Balls

1x Agility Run

30x KB Swings

50x Single Jump Rope

1x Agility Run

45x Supermans

75x Jumping Jacks

1x Agility Run

**2 Minute Break**

WOD C: 10 Minute (Every 2 Minues)

20x Jumping Pull-Ups

15x Bear Crawl Steps

10x Jumping Lunges

5x Burpee

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