CARDIO 01/10/2017

Angelino CrossFit – Cardio WOD


WOD A: 9-Minutes (3-Rounds)

1-minute of Superman Pulses w/ PVC Pipe

**30-second Hollow Rock Hold**

1-minute of Mountain Climbers

**30-second Hollow Rock Hold**

**3 Minute Rest Before WOD B**

WOD B: 15-Minute AMRAP

30x Jumping Pull-Ups

15x Sit-Ups

30x Walking Lunges Steps

15x Push-Ups

30x Bear Crawl Steps

15x Ring Rows

**3 Minute Rest Before WOD C**

WOD C: 12-Minute AMRAP

200m Run

150m Row

100x Single Jump Rope

5x Burpees

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