Athlete Spotlight

APRIL 2016

Steve Evans

Steve hails from Wolverhampton, England, and is a successful Business Consultant / Motorcycle Racing Team Manager and Race Promoter. Steve thinks CrossFit is the “Bees Knees”* * He got started in CrossFit at ACF after his wife Jackie had been going to CrossFit for about a year and (as so many of us also know) – she loved it and convinced Steve to try it.

Steve recalls his first exposure to CrossFit at Angelino Community Fitness when he took our Squat Fundamental’s Class. He looks back at that experience and remembers that he was “hurting for days after!” And yet… now, today…. Steve’s two favorite workouts are Squats and Deadlifts. Steve loves the Community here at Angelino Community Fitness because he finds the members to be an “ego-less group” who want everyone to get better. He feels that the coaches at ACF are upbeat, positive and put in the extra effort to coach you to your next win.

Steve knows that when he started, his physical fitness level was in the category of very unfit and unhealthy. He knew that he needed more than what you get at the other typical “Gyms.” Although Steve feels like he still has a long way to go….he is all about getting to that next level – beating a personal best – yet moving ahead at his own pace with the encouragement of the coaches and the other members – who are often found rooting for everyone else.

Steve now says that he looks better – has more energy – needs less sleep – and feels fitter than he has in 25 years. Steve certainly does the “Full Monty”** in his workouts! Steve’s goals are to continue CrossFit at ACF – get in even better shape and eventually consistently reach RX levels of intensity in all of his workouts.

Steve also likes to swim and go boogie boarding at the beach. His favorite pastime is spending time with his wife and kids. Steve loves all sports and feels very lucky in his professional life – because he manages the USA National Speedway Motorcycle Team and since he’s held this position in 2012 – they have placed 8th / 5th / and 6th (twice) in the World! These are the best results since 1998. This work has taken Steve to the UK; Poland; Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary and Denmark.

Steve’s advice for new people who are trying CrossFit for the first time is because it is varied every time you arrive for the daily Workout of the Day (WOD) – you get maximum gains for your time investment. It will seem tough at first – but stick to it because these coaches and this group power will see you through. And …. That’s Bob’s Your Uncle!** ( ** for explanations of these words – ask Steve!)Fitness

May 2016

Emily Scown

How would you describe Emily (“Em”)? … Well, around our neighborhood gym, Angelino Community Fitness, we’d say “strong!” “agile” “graceful” “athletic” “flexible” “determined” “competitive”…get the idea?

Yes, Emily Scown comes from a small town in Texas (Odessa) known for Friday Night Lights, Cowboys and Oil rigs. But….surprisingly, Odessa also has a thriving art scene – which may account for Emily’s love of dance. Em’s occupation is that of Dancer/Choreographer – and she also works at a chic store with awesome workout clothes and shoes for the girls called SIX:02 (she recommends that our other Awesome Angelino Athlete Girls go in to see her)….

Emily got started in CrossFit when she and her roommate Haley moved to California from Texas.. Her goal (and Haley’s) was to get in shape and focus on being healthy. Haley started CrossFit first and would come home and tell Emily about the WODs and how much she loved CrossFit. Having heard some negative things (which Emily knows are completely UNTRUE now,) she was hesitant to do CrossFit. She was just stubborn enough to “get fit on her own”….Well, Haley didn’t let up on her (not too many Crosfitters do when they know how good it can be for someone)…. So finally, Emily relented and said “….what the heck”…. went to a class one morning and totally fell in love with CrossFit.

In fact, Emily still recalls that first CrossFit experience on October 7th last year….she remembers how exhausted the WOD made her (it was an AMRAP WOD) but also how much of an adrenaline rush she got trying to get through everything as fast as she could (see above: “competitive” lol). Em said she hadn’t worked out like that since High School!

When asked what she loves most about CrossFit – Emily said….”I love the community of it. All of the athletes, including the coaches are supportive of each other’s growth and achievements. It’s hard to find that in competitive environments. She said she feels “welcome” every time she walks into the gym and everyone there is so nice! She loves the Wodify program and App too because it’s a great way to see her progress and continues to motivate her to push and get better and stronger.

We asked Em about some of her personal CrossFit goals and achievements – Emily said that she can now do handstand pushups, pull-overs, and can finally do a strict pull-up without a band (a personal favorite of hers because when she started she felt like she didn’t have much upper body strength.) Her goals in CrossFit are also aggressive – she wants to master ring muscle-ups, butterfly pull-ups and legless rope-climbs.

Emily is currently single (sorry guys…. She DOES have a boyfriend! 😉 enjoys playing volleyball, dancing and watching movies. If given free time – she likes to sleep, eat, and go to the beach. Her “cheat meals” include her biggest weakness: Chocolate! Something people may not know is that in high school dance practice one day – Em did a cartwheel and landed on a bee that stung her toe! Really! Emily’s favorite CrossFit workouts are any that include handstand push-ups, pull-ups, box jumps or power cleans. She loves WODs with lots of varied movements.

Emily’s advice to a new person starting CrossFit for the first time is to go in to it with no expectations and be open-minded. It may seem too hard or perhaps intimidating at first, but she says stick with it and you won’t regret it! You’ll feel better – physically and mentally. Oh…and it just makes you feel like a badass!