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A. STRENGTH/SKILL: Complete the following 3 sets of EMOMs completing one (1) rep of the following complex. Follow the percentages and increase the weight as you go. Take a two (2) minute rest between EMOMs.

Complex: 1x Deadlift + 3x Hang Power Cleans + 2x Hang Squat Cleans

5 Minute EMOM @ 60-70% of you Hang Clean 1RM

**2 MInute Rest**

4 Minute EMOM @ 70-80%

**2 MInute Rest**

3 Minute EMOM @ 80-90%

Hang Clean

Record Heaviest Set

Hang Power Clean

Record Heaviest Set


B. WOD: For Time

Metcon (Time)

Complete the following ladder for time.

2-4-6-8-10-8-6-4-2x of…

Box Jump Overs (Rx 24/20,+30/24)

Push-Press (Px 95/65,+115/85)

Sandbell Slams (Rx 25/20,+30/25)


C. MOBILITY: After the WOD ask coach for recommendations or see “Supple Leopard” book for ideas. Pick your problems areas and do something about them!!

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