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A. STRENGTH: Take 20 minutes or less to complete 4 to 5 rounds of the following circuit. Take a 30 to 60 second break between exercises and a 2 to 3 minute rest between rounds.

5x Deadlifts – Starting @ 50% building up to a heavy 5

5x Bulgarian Split Squats – Each side using the front rack grip and staying at one weight

5x Handstand Kick-Up into Handstand Push-Up or Scale: 3x Wall Walks + 7x Pike Push-Ups



B. CORE: Begin the WOD (Part C) immediately after the Core (Part B).

Metcon (No Measure)

Hold any plank of your choice, continuously for 4-Minutes trying your very best NOT to rest. You are allowed to switch up the type of plank throughout the 4 minutes.



Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

14 Minute AMRAP (for TOTAL Reps)

2-minutes of Box Jumps (Rx 24/20,+30/24)

3-minutes of Singles (Rx+ Double Unders)

4-minutes of Clean and Jerks (Rx 95/65,+135/105)

3-minutes of Singles (Rx+ Double Unders)

2-minutes of Box Jumps (Rx 24/20,+30/24)


D. MOBILITY/STRETCH: With the time left, work on some mobility/stretching focusing on shoulders, hamstrings and calves.

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