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A. STRENGTH/SKILL: Take 20 minutes to complete 3 to 4 rounds of the following.

7x Sumo Squats – Use barbell starting at 50% of your one rep MAX ofyour Back Squat. Increase wight every round.

**MAX 1 minute rest**

5x Ring Dips – Hold the top and bottom for three (3) seconds. Scale: 5x Box Dips holding the top and bottom for five (5) seconds.

**MAX 1 minute rest**

3x Box Jumps – Increase height on each round.

**MAX 2 minute rest to setup for the next round**

Sumo Squat

Ring Dips

Box Jumps


B. LeAnn’s Birthday WOD

Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds

11x Deadlifts (Rx 70% of BW,+Add 20 extra pounds

to the Rx)

30x Air Squats

100m Run**

19x V-Ups

15x Burpees
**NEW ROUTE: The 100 meter route starts at the gym doors to the Harvest Moon patio fence and back. You will need to turn back around at the corner/side of the patio fence closes to the gym.

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