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STRENGTH: Take 20 to 25-minutes or less to complete the following.

A. Spend 5-minutes to PRACTICE any Handstand Hold.. try the Tripod Hold if you are having a hard time going upside down.

B. Spend 15-minutes to Superset the following exercises as many times as you can.

— 10x Bent Over Rows (Use a bar with moderate to high weight)

— 15x Band Pull Aparts

— 15x Banded Passthroughs (slow controlled reps)

— 10x Strict Shoulder Presses (Use DB’s or KB’s – moderate to high weight)

** REST 1 to 2-MINUTES **

WOD: For Time


— 12x Handstand Push-Ups (Rx+)

— 16x Deadlifts (Rx 185/135,+225/155

— 20x V-Ups

WOD: Metcon (Time)