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A. STRENGTH: Take 20 minutes to complete 4 to 5 super-sets of the following two lifts.

5x Back Squat

5x Power Clean

5x Burpee Pull-Up

**1 Minute Rest**

*Increase the weight on both lifts. You may use one or two separate bars.

Back Squat (5×5)

Record your heaviest 5.

Power Clean (5×5)

Record your heaviest 5.


Metcon (Time)

300m Run

**5 Rounds of…

***10x Push-Press (Rx 75/65,+95/85)

***10x Hand Release Push-Ups

***10x Sumo Deadlift High Pull (Use Push Press weight)

300m Run

**2 Rounds of…

***25x Sandbell Sit-Ups (Rx 25/20,+30/25)

***25x Alternating Weighted Lunges (Rx/Rx+ Use Sandbell)

***25x Sandbell Slams (Rx 25/20,+30/25)

300m Run