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A. STRENGTH: 15-Minute EMOM (5 minutes per motion, 40 seconds ON, 20 seconds OFF)

a. Floor Press

b. Pendlay Rows

c. Alternating KB/DB Snatch

Use a light to moderate weight throughout all the motions. Work on form, power and rep consistency (unbroken reps!!).

Floor Press (SEE EMOM)

Pendlay Row (SEE EMOM)

KB Snatch (SEE EMOM)


B. CORE: Begin the WOD (Part C) immediately after the Core (Part B).

Metcon (No Measure)

6-Minute Tabata: 20 seconds ON, 10 seconds OFF of each motion (3 rounds of)

20 sec Side Plank (L) *RX+ Tuck and Reach w/ Right Hand

**10 sec REST**

20 sec Superman Hold w/ PVC Pipe

**10 sec REST**

20 sec Side Plank (R) *RX+ Tuck and Reach w/ Left Hand

**10 sec REST**

20 sec Hollow Rock Hold w/ PVC *RX+ w/ Rocking



Metcon (Time)

For Time

21-15-9x of..

Sandbell Sit-Ups (Rx 20,+25)

Clean & Jerk (Rx 95/75,+135/115)

*Single Farmer’s Carry – Pinch Grip w/ Plate (Rx 15,+25)

* Farmer’s Carry at the end of each round.

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