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STRENGTH: Take 25-30 minutes to complete the following.

A. 5×3 (1x Hang Power Clean + 1x Hang Squat Clean) @ Moderate Weight

B. 10-10-8-8-6-6x of Squat Cleans – Start light and increase weight each round. Record in Wodify!

C. With the time left, complete 3×3 Power Shrugs @ Go Heavy!

WOD: 7-minute AMRAP

— 7x Hang Power Snatches

— 3x Burpees

— 7x Air Squats

Barbell: Rx 75/55, +95/65 — DO NOT DROP BARBELLS!

OLY B: Squat Clean (SEE BELOW)

O-WOD: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)



STRENGTH: Take about 25-minutes to complete the following.

A. Back Squats: Complete as much as you can of the following. Rest between sets.

Rep Scheme:

— 3×10 @ Light to moderate Weight

— 3×8 @ Moderate Weight

— 3×6 @ Heavy Weight (Record in Wodify!)

B. If you fiish early and there is time left, complete 3-Supersets of the following. Use the same barbell (weight) for all three lifts at a set weight.

— 3x Barbell Wide Upright Rows

— 3x Push Press

— 3x Good Mornings

WOD: For Rounds and Reps — SEE BELOW

STR A: Back Squat (SEE BELOW)

WOD: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

9-Minute AMRAP:

— 5x Barbell Ground to Overhead (Rx)

— 1x Burpee

— 5x Goblet Squats (Rx)

— 1x Burpee

Barbell: Rx 95/65, +115/75, ++135/85

KB/DB: Rx 40-45/26.5-30, +50-55/35-40