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STRENGTH: Take 20 to 25 minutes to complete the following.

A. Take 12-minutes to work on one of the following:

— Push Jerks OR

— Split Jerks

** Complete sets of 5-REPS, increasing weight throughout.

B. With the time left, complete as many sets as you can of the following:

— 8 to 10x Floor Presses

— 2 to 4x Turkish Get-Ups (Alternating – 2x on Each Side)

WOD: For Time


— 21x Goblet Squats (Rx 40-45/12kg,+50-55/35)

— 15x Toes-To-Bar (Rx+) or Knee Raises

— 9x Ground To Overhead (Rx 115/75,+135/95,++155/110)

** End each round with a 100m Overhead Plate Carry (Rx 35/25,+45/35)

STR A: Push Jerk (SEE ABOVE)

STR A: Split Jerk (SEE ABOVE)

STR B: Floor Press (SEE ABOVE)

STR B: Turkish Get Up (SEE ABOVE)

WOD: Metcon (Time)