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STRENGTH: Take 25-minutes or less to complete the following.

A. Back Squats: Complete the following 5-sets; your last 3-sets should be your working sets (heaviest sets). Start light and increase throughout, record your heaviest set lifted in Wodify. Rest and STRETCH!! between sets.

— 15, 12, 10, 8, 5, 5x

B. If you finish early, with the remainder of the time, practice TOES-TO-BAR. These last weeks of the month we will be incorporating the skill of the month into our WOD’s a lot more often. So be ready!!

WOD: SEE BELOW – Coach Karlos will start putting together a “Angelino CrossFit Benchmark WOD’s” database that will consist of Benchmark workouts that will be repeated throughout the year. The purpose of this is to measure your progress throughout the year. YOUR goal is to do better than you did before. We will be mixing in these “in-house” benchmark workouts with the regular CrossFit Benchmark Workouts. So.. if you are one the members that come in consistently, you will benefit from this the most! So it’s super important that you record your score for these type of workouts.

STR A: Back Squat (SEE BELOW)

WOD: The Matador (Time)


— 500m Run

— 20x AbMat Sit-Ups

— 15x Chest-to-Floor Push-Ups

— 10x Thrustrers (Rx 95/65,+115/80)