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A. STRENGTH: 18-minutes to build up to a heavy set of 3 for the SNATCH (full squat). If you are a beginner or intermediate, work on a POWER SNATCH into a OVERHEAD SQUAT.

B. David Aguilar’s Birthday WOD: For Time

400m Run

37x Floor Press (Rx 75/55,+95/75)

7x Jumping lunges

19x Sumo-Deadlift High-Pull

7x Burpees

37x Power Cleans

7x Sit-Ups

19x Push Press

7x Pull-Ups (Rx+ No Band)

37x Back Squats

7x Air Squats

19x Thrusters

7x Handstand Push-Ups (Rx+) or Hand Release Burpees

37x Deadlifts

400m Run

STR: Snatch (3 REP MAX)

STR: Power Snatch (3 REP MAX)

STR: Overhead Squat (3 REP MAX)

WOD: Metcon (Time)

Start the WOD with 18x Mountain Climbers and repeat every 7-minutes after that until you complete the WOD.

45x SB Slams (Rx 25/20,+30/25)

45x SB Snatches

45x Sandbell Sit-Ups

45x Push Press (Rx 65/55,+75/65)