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Hot Potato Xtreme 2! (Time)

30 Minute AMRAP, with a partner, try to complete as many rounds and reps as possible. See notes below.

200m Sandbell Carry/MB OH Hold (20 reps)

30x Sandbell Over & Under Pass

40x Wall Ball Pass

50x Sandbell Squat & Granny Toss

40x MB Sit-Up & Throw

30x Sandbell Step-Up & Pass (20″ Box)

300m Sandbell Run (Completes the round)


200m Sandbell Carry/MB OH Hold – One person goes for the carry while the other holds MB.

5x Burpee penalty every time you drop MB and/or SB during the exercises.

1 Full Round = 210 Reps + 300m Sandbell Run

Rx Sandbell 25

Rx MedBall 14

Rx+ Sandbell 30

Rx+ MedBall 20