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A. Strength: 12 min EMOM – Every 3 minutes complete (4 Rounds):

3x Overhead Squats*

3x Back Squats*

3X Front Squats*

*Start at 50% of your OHS 1RM for all three lifts. Work on form and technique. Optional: increase weight each round but don’t get too heavy.

Overhead Squat (4×3)

Back Squat (4×3)

Increase by 5-10lbs each round.

Front Squat (4×3)

Metcon (No Measure)

B. Core WOD: 9 Minute Tabata

Minute 1: Hollow Rock Hold

Minute 2: Russian Twist

Minute 3: Windshield Wipers



C. WOD: For Time (20 minute Cap)

Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds for Time*

40x OH Plate Alternating Lunges (Rx 45/25)

30x Wall Ball (Rx 20/14)

20x KB Swing (Rx 55/35)

*At the end of each passing minute, you must stop and complete that number of burpees. Example: at the end of the first minute you have 1x burpee. At the end of minute two you have 2x burpees, minute three – 3x burpees.. You will continue doing burpees until the 10th minute (total: 10x burpees). After that, you no longer have to do burpees.

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