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STRENGTH: Take 20-minutes or less to complete the following. As a group, rest 1 to 3 minutes between AMRAPS to review skills and any setup. Record in WODIFY!

A. END OF THE MONTH RE-TEST! 5-Minute AMRAP: MAX PUSH-UPS (Or any assisted Push-Ups) – If you were doing assisted push-ups before, try doing a full push-up instead!

B. SKILL OF THE MONTH! 5-Minute AMRAP: MAX Toes-To-Bar (Scale: or any other leg/knee raise variation). For the month go August we will focus on “Toes-To-Bar” and developing the strength and skill to string the reps together. Makes sure you take care of your callouss!!!

C. CORE! 5-minute Tabata: Hollow Rock Hold (20-seconds ON, 10-seconds OFF)

WOD: For Time

— 300m Run

— 50x Hand Release Push-Ups

— 3x Handstand Push-Ups (Rx+) or 3x Burpees

— 50x Air Squats

— 3x Handstand Push-Ups (Rx+) or 3x Burpees

— 50x Bear Crawl Steps

— 300m Run

WOD: Metcon (Time)


STR B: Toes-To-Bar (5-MIN – SEE ABOVE)

STR A: Push-ups (5-MIN – SEE ABOVE)