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STRENGTH: 25-minutes to complete the following.

A. Build up to a Heavy 5-REPS for the Sumo Deadlift

** Beginners complete 5-sets of 10-reps – Increase weight throughout.

** Be explosive going up.

** Slow and controlled going down.

** Record heaviest set in Wodify!

B. AMRAP the following with the time left:

— 1-minute of MAX Toes-To-Bar Practice!

— 5x Romanian Deadlifts

— 5x Good Mornings

— 10x Wide Stance Lunges (Each Side) w/ KB/DB in Goblet Position


STR: Sumo Deadlift (SEE ABOVE)

WOD: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

15-minute AMRAP:

— 200m Single Arm Front Rack Carry (Switch @ 100m)

— 100x Alternating KB Swings (Total)

— 50x Overhead PLate Hold Walking Lunges (Total)

— 100x Russian Twist (Total – No Wight – Hands Must Touch Floor)

— 50x Step-Ups w Plate (Total)

Scoring: Once you complete the “chipper”, you must RUN AS MANY METERS AS POSSIBLE with the time left. Your score is the number of 50-meters completed. See below for example:

1 x 50m = 1 point/rep

Rx Box: 24/20

Rx Plate: 35/25,+45/35

Rx KB: 40-45/26.5-30,+50-55/35-40