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STRENGTH: Take 25 minutes to complete the following.

A. Build up to a 4-REP MAX or Heavy 4-REP for the Hang Power Clean.

— MAX-OUT: Allow for 3-FAILED attempts.

— Beginners: Build up to a moderate to heavy 5-Reps while maintaining good form and practicing technique.

— Record in Wodify!

B. Climb the Double Under Ladder! If you mess up, go back to the start of the number you messed up on.

— Double Under Rep Scheme: 11-22-33-44-55-66-77-88-99-111-99-88-77….11x

— Superset each jump rope set with a 25m Walking Lunge and 25m Sprint Back to the Gym.

— If you do not have UNBROKEN double unders, practice double unders with singles. Do not go back to the start of the set if you mess up.

WOD: Hannah’s Birthday WOD — SEE BELOW


STR A: Hang Power Clean (SEE ABOVE)

STR B: Double-Unders (SEE ABOVE)

WOD: Metcon (Time)

Hannah’s Birthday WOD

4-Rounds of:

— 11x Sandbell Slams (Rx 25-30/20-25)

— 100m Run

— 11x Reverse Burpees

— 100m Run

— 11x Wall Balls (Rx 20-25/14-16)

— 100m Run