Angelino CrossFit – CrossFit


4-Minute AMRAP

-10x Air Squats

-5x Inchworms + 1x Push Up

-10x MT Climbers (total)

-5x No Push Up Burpees


-1-Minute: Up/Down Dog

-1-Minute ea: Spider Lunges


Belly/Booty Workout for the week!

15-Minute EMOM (45s On/15s Off)

-Minute 1: Leg Raises

-Minute 2: Windshield Wipers

-Minute 3:Kneeling Hip Rotations (right)

-Minute 4: Kneeling Hip Rotations (left)

-Minute 5: Hollowbody to Superman Hold

WOD: For Time

-50x Dips

-50x Bulgarian Split Squats (ea)

-50x Wide Stance Lunges

-50x Staggered Push Ups