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A. STRENGTH: 21-Minute CAP – Complete the following set of lifts spending NO MORE than 7-minutes at each station. Take short breaks between sets and move quick from one station to the other. Work alone or with a partner. Record your heaviest lifts.

Station #1: 5×3 Back Squats – Start @ 60% and increase each round.

Station #2: 4×5 Romanian Deadlifts – Start @ 40-50% of Deadlift 1RM and increase each round.

Station #3: 3×8 Alternating Overhead Lunges w/ Barbell – Start light and increase each round.

Back Squat

Romanian Deadlifts


Alternating Overhead Lunges

with Barbell


B. WOD: For Time

Metcon (Time)

10-Minute AMRAP

5x Hang Power Cleans (Rx 95/65,+135/105)

55x Double Unders (Rx+) or 165x Singles (Single)

15x HPC (Hang Power Cleans)

44x DU (Double Unders) or 132x SNG (Singles)

25x HPC

33x DU or 99x SNG

*Rx: 441 Total Reps per Rounds

*Rx+: 177 Total Reps per Rounds

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