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A. STRENGTH: Take 20 minutes to complete the following two lifts staying between 60-80% of each lift. Take rest between sets and increase weight accordingly.

4×4 Strict Shoulder Press

4×4 Front Squat

If you finish early and there is time left, complete 3 rounds of MAX out on a ‘HOLD’ of your choice. Example of holds:


-Hollow Rock



Shoulder Press

Front Squat


B. WOD: For Time

Metcon (Time)

2 Rounds

30x Double Unders (Rx+) or 90x Singles

15x Pull-Ups (Rx+ No Band)

30x Wall Balls (Rx 20/14,+20)

15x Burpees

30x V-Ups

15x Box Jumps (Rx 24/20,+30/24)

300m Run