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NOTE FROM COACH KARLOS: Don’t sit around and over eat.. exercise, stretch and watch what you eat!! Use these home workouts to help you stay in shape during this crazy time!! Check out your email for a special email from Coach John!

STRENGTH: Complete the following.

A. 15-Minute EMOM (40s On/20s Off)

-Minute 1: Side Plank on the Right

-Minute 2: Russian Twists

-Minute 3: Side Plank on the left

-Minute 4: V-Ups or Knees to Chest

-Minute 5: Plank on Both Hands

WOD: For Time

WOD: Metcon (Time)

For Time

20x Burpees

20x Air Squats

15x Burpees

15x Air Squats

10x Burpees

10x Air Squats

5x Burpees

5x Air Squats