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A. STRENGTH: 22-Minutes to complete the following two 10-minute circuits. Increase weight accordingly throughout.

**10-Minute AMRAP (Rounds):

5-10x Ring Dips [OR] 15x Tricep Dips

30-second L-Sit [OR] 30-second Bar Hang

**2-Minute Break**

**10-Minute AMRAP (Rounds):

10-15x Strict DB Shoulder Press

10-15x DB Shoulder Lateral Flys

10-15x Upright Row (Narrow Grip)


B. WOD: For Time

Metcon (Time)

Complete the following:

15-12-9-6x of…**

Burpee Box Jump (Rx 24/20,+30/24)

Alternating Single SB Snatch & Slam (Rx 25/20,+30/25)

**100m Sprint at the START of each round (4 rounds total, 100 meters = To the Harvest Moon Patio Fence. ATTENTION: Runners stay to your right of the side walk to avoid collisions.

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