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A. President’s Day WOD: For Time

Quarter Dime Nickel Penny (Time)

45x Wall Balls (Rx 20/14)

45x No Push-Up Burpee onto Plate (Use 25#,35# or 45# Plate)

45x Mountain Climbers

45x Hand Release Push-Ups

45x Supermans

45x V-Ups

45x AbMat Sit-Ups

45x Bicycles

45x Air Squats (On MB)

45x Walking Lunges

45x Bear Crawl Steps

45x Step-Up Overs (Use 20″ Box)

45x Jumping Pull-Ups
**ATTENTION 6AM WOD Xpress: Due to the shorten class time, do 25x reps for each motion instead of 45x AND cap out the WOD at 20-minutes.


B. FREE TIME: If there is time (and energy) after the WOD, pick anything to work on from skill/strength building of your favorite Olympic lift to some Mobility work. Ask the coach for recommendations if needed.

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