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STRENGTH: Take 20-minutes to complete the following.

A. 8-Minute AMRAP/Tabata (30s on/30s off):

— Minute 1: Split Cleans

— Minute 2: Split Jerks

B. Superset the following:

— 6-10x Sotts Press (start w/ empty bar)

— 1-Minute Wall Sits (Experienced athletes can add weight)

— 30-60s Dead Hang in knee tuck or L-Sit Position

WOD: For Time — SEE BELOW —

STR A: Hang Split Clean (SEE ABOVE)

STR A: Split Jerk (SEE ABOVE)

WOD: Metcon (Time)


— 200m Farmers Carry w/DB and KB

(Rx 40-45/25-30, +50-55/35-40)

— 20x Sit Outs

— 20x Alternating Lunges

— 20x Alternating KB Hang Clean and Press