Angelino CrossFit – CrossFit


STRENGTH: Take 16-minutes to complete as many rounds of the following.

— 2x Man Makers – Go Heavy!

— 14-Calorie Row

— 2-minute Jump Rope Practice (Double Unders!!)

— 14x Alternating KB Swings (Russian)

— REST 1-minute – Take longer if you need but stretch/mobility between your sets.

WOD: Valentine’s Day WOD — SEE BELOW —

STR: Man Maker (SEE ABOVE)

with Dumbbells: Push-Up, Right Row, Left Row, Squat Clean, Overhead Press

STR: Max Double-Unders (AMRAP – Reps)

Max set of Unbroken Double-Unders

WOD: Metcon (Time)

Valentine’s Day WOD: “You & Me” — For Time

With a partner, you will share the work load and work one at a time while the other partner continually holds a bumper plate (Rx 45/35) over head. If the bumper plate touches the ground at any time, each partner must complete 10x Burpees! The bumper plate cannot rest on any object or body part, it must be held over head with elbows locked. Exercises can be completed in any order!!

— 50x Wall Ball (Rx 20-25/14-16)

— 75x American KB Swings (Rx 50-55/35-40)

— 100x Push Ups

— 150x Sit-Ups

— 200x Air Squats