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Hey Hey Angelinos!! Coach Karlos here.. 🙂

We found a third for the girls group!! — Andrea, Asami and Nayeli are teaming up for the Granite Games.. that makes a total of 6 teams set to go! If you are interested.. let me know!! I will be announcing an “Open Gym” Schedule for the teams that are formed and looking for times to workout. Team Captains! I will contact you soon.

With that said.. we still have another guys group that is waiting for a third… if anyone if interested.. let me know ASAP!!! We are starting to make preparations and arrangements for the main event!

If you are not competing … still plan on coming out and cheering us on! It will be like a tailgate party!! MARCH 7TH IN NEWBURY PARK … contact me if you want more info!! We may need volunteers to help us organize and coordinate the “tailgate party”.

— See you at the gym!

Coach Karlos — Text me!! 818-679-6417


STRENGTH: Take about 25-minutes to complete the following.

A. 10-Minute EMOM:

— Minute #1: 6 to 10x Strict Shoulder Presses (From the Ground) ** RECORD IN WODIFY **

— Minute #2: Push-Ups — 30-sec ON/30-sec OFF (Most Challenging Variation)

B. Go for 4-Rounds of the following:

— 12x Dumbbell Shrugs (Go Heavy!!)

— 12x Dumbbell Bent Over Rows

WOD: For Rounds and Reps ** SEE BELOW **

WOD: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

15-minutes AMRAP:

— 5x Sumo Deadlifts (Rx)

— 10x Chin-Ups (Rx+ SKILL)

— 15x Air Squats

Barbell Rx: 135/95, +155/115, ++185/135 and Up!


STR A: Shoulder Press (SEE ABOVE)