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STRENGTH: Take about 25-minutes to complete the following.

A. Butterfly Sit-Ups: Complete as many reps as you can in 1-MINUTE. Just like the other body weight movements, this one will be repeated throughout the year. Make sure to RECORD IN WODIFY!

B. 4-Minute Tabata: Hand Release Push-Ups — Rx+ Challenge: Hold a Plank on Hands during the “10-Second” Rests

B. Front Squats: ** RECORD IN WODIFY! ** MAX out ONLY if you haven’t found all three maxes.

— Option #1: Find a NEW 1, 3 or 5-REP MAX

— Option #2: 5×4 @75% of 1RM or Above!

— Option #3: 5×8 @ 75% of 1RM or Below!

WOD: CrossFit “Girls” Benchmark ** “Elizabeth” – For Time ** SEE BELOW ** RECORD IN WODIFY!

WOD: Elizabeth (Time)


Clean, 135# / 95#

Ring Dips

STR A: Sit-ups (1-MINUTE)

Butterfly Sit-Ups

STR C: Back Rack Lunge (SEE ABOVE)